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  • Office #301, Al Moosa Tower 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Email: [email protected]

About Us

Who are we?


CORPORATE ZONE is an economic oriented leading global company that has laser focus on the future of businesses and financial horizon.
With expertise in all areas of PRO SERVICES and legal aspects of business setup we are a consulting firm that leads you through an entire range of services, approvals, documentation and paperwork in a hurdle free and cost smart manner. From application submission to document processing, through all steps of attestation, office translation, license procurement and approvals all the way to the final launch of your business operation on the soil of UAE we stand firm on your side. Our expert team has your back till you are ready to take off.

Why Choose Corporate Zone?

Corporate Zone is a leading business platform in UAE influencing people all across the globe for their Business Setup/Company Formation. Our business group includes the most professional team that will help you to get your business setup in the most authentic way possible. The main motto of Corporate Zone has always been to inspire people to do better and have financial independence. We have a special team of highly trained individuals that provide extra assistance related to company formation, work permits, financial and tax problems, residency visas.

With eyes on the robust and swelling economic growth of the UAE business arena we are so very sure that any company/ business that will try to anchor here will flourish by the multitude. Our team at the corporate zone leaves no rock unturned to realize this dream for their clients. We value branching growth and take pride in becoming a part of establishing milestones of every success story

Our goal is to provide the most executive business platform to our nation. Compared to other business platforms in the UAE, Corporate Zone provides free consultancy and guidance.

Complete Documentation

Quality Services

Strong Management Skills

Satisfied Clients


Let us relieve you of the daunting first steps you need to take in order to root your business journey in the UAE.

Ayesha Minhas

Managing Partner


Ayesha Minhas comes from strong corporate service and possesses strong leadership skills which makes her a great entrepreneur as well. With 5 years of experience Ayesha Minhas has served hundreds of clients which helped them establish their business or company on strong terms. She is skilled enough to create the best strategies for the company and its business plans. Her marketing efforts are quality based and help convince the clients in the easiest way possible. Ayesha had studied Business Management & Financial Studies. She is fluent in English and Urdu and has travelled extensively throughout Europe & Asia for both leisure and business.


📞+971- 58 570 8183

✉️[email protected]

Looking to set up an extension of your business in UAE?

Look No Further!!!!


Welcome to the CORPORATE ZONE where we escort and lead you through every legal requirement to set your feet firm on new land. We know how to anchor your business so that it grows only in the forward direction.

We manage every sort of legal requirement a new company or business may need irrespective of its nature. Be it an IT company, Media, manufacturing, health or any niche of services, we got it all covered at the CORPORATE ZONE.

We extend our professional services to corporations and individuals alike. Contact us and grow your business to new heights in the flourishing land of UAE.


Take a bird’s eye view at our range of services:

  • Analysis of your company/ business setup/ requirements, expected costs and time estimates for the complete process.
  • Legal support and guidance for the best strategy and locations suiting your company.
  • Selection of the most beneficial area to anchor on, be it mainland, a free zone or offshore.
  • LLC company formation.
  • Offshore company setup.
  • Set up in a free zone.
  • Trade license.
  • Family visa.
  • Employment visa.
  • Company closure.
  • Trade license cancellation in Dubai and much more.


Our Business Partners