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Terms and Conditions

- Corporate Zone Terms and Conditions

The corporate zone is the most trustworthy platform for business and trade. Most of the successful entrepreneurs, freelancers and businessmen made it to where they are all because of the value provided by the amazing platform of the corporate zone. Having the best privacy policy along with the terms and conditions. It is the most preferred choice of every entrepreneur these days.

- Refund policy

Most of our service charges are non-refundable. Once you pay for the full service the amount won’t be refundable. In case of cancellation of the job, that particular activity will be viewed as canceled and the discount or refund of government charges will be prepared according to the refund policy.

- Customer's right

The customer must agree to not start any sort of illegal business activity that is immoral based on UAE law. The products delivered by the corporate zone to the customer will be quality based and it is crucial for the customer to use them and the services provided. The customer will receive all the services and products that he/she has signed up for. If a customer damages any product of the company or the service provided he/she will have to pay for it. It is important for the customer to submit all the payments and fees within the due date. In case of any issue with the policy or the workers, the customer is obliged to contact the company’s admin through the email.