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If you’re looking to pick up a new business venture, the UAE Ecommerce market might be a great place to start because of its modern economic policies. Did you know that the Ecommerce market in the UAE continues to grow as more people turn to online shopping for everything from groceries to beauty products?

With projected revenue of US$ 12.79 billion in 2022, The United Arab Emirates is one of the biggest E-commerce markets in the UAE, with a forecast of a 60% rise by 2025. Shopping malls and virtual marketplaces like Amazon and Souq are being heavily used. In recent years, it’s been an exciting growth area for entrepreneurs, who often benefit from government incentives and generous tax laws. If you’re thinking about starting your own E-commerce website, you’ll need to comply with the local legal requirements.

Ecommerce is on the rise in the UAE, and this article will help you figure out how to make the most of it. If you live in the UAE, you’ll be familiar with the frustrations of not being able to buy what you want when and where you want it. Although many local businesses have set up shop, there are still a lot of products that are missing out on. This article aims to give you some ideas on how an E-commerce store can be useful in today’s world – whether that’s through food delivery services or owning your own supermarket chain!


 The UAE government has recently announced the formation of an advisory committee to review and make recommendations to enhance the E-commerce sector. The committee is expected to identify initiatives and policies aimed at improving the business environment in the Emirate, which includes enhancing local and foreign investments and encouraging innovation. The committee will review various initiatives targeting the development of the E-commerce industry including the improved usage of both residents and visitors. It will also provide its recommendations on ways to develop legislation related to electronic trading and will be led by economy minister Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri. In addition, it will also review reform in the process of granting licenses for electronic trading activities.

This initiative aims at encouraging knowledge exchange between the global investors and UAE’s local businessmen, hence providing an opportunity for supporting innovation. These initiatives are very positive for the growth of the E-commerce business in the UAE.



The CORPORATE ZONE provides you with a perfect inside analysis of the right spot to invest your capital and capabilities.  With online shopping moving to the forefront of consumer preferences, the UAE is full of opportunities for E-commerce businesses, but finding the right one can be tough. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of popular online areas where people are already searching for products in great demand. There are a number of sectors with untapped potential in this market as well as niches that are flourishing and have a lot of room for new entrepreneurs.


Food takeaway and delivery services are one of the hot topics people are talking about. It is the most dominating niche in the online retail sector. More and more restaurants are getting into this business because this is where the revenue is.  The restaurant industry has been growing exponentially in the UAE and it’s one of the top locations for starting food delivery services in the world.

With the introduction and rapid approval from the population of E-commerce, an on-demand or rapid delivery (food/grocery delivered in half to one hour) has taken up 80% of the market share in the grocery and food delivery area. It is the most profitable opportunity that should certainly be not missed.



The digital era has provided unmatched ease of selling in the real estate sector. The ready-to-consume information for opportunities and convenience of comparison, price transparency, and the possibilities of connecting with many agencies at a time has boomed the real estate online market. Setting up your real estate company armed with a digitally ranking portal may prove to be an extrapolating asset as the demand for rentals and property is facing a surge and lead generation through internet browsing is exceeding 50% of total leads.



UAE is a global hotspot for technology and a fast-growing E-commerce market. UAE has a sizeable, young, tech-savvy population and digital infrastructure to support E-commerce. The UAE economy has recently diversified to include IT in the non-oil sectors. There are ambitious targets for a number of businesses that are buying and selling online. If IT is your area UAE is exactly the place you should be starting up as a service provider for support to E-commerce, tourism, trade, banking, entertainment, finance, and many other industries.

The local government is very keen on setting up IT projects and private sector businesses (IT which is ICT in UAE) and has allocated an ICT fund to support and develop the country’s IT foundation. The Dubai Media City and Silicon Oasis have legal support systems for the advancement of technology and are lucrative locations for the establishment of an IT firm.



Tourism is a major contributor to UAE’s GDP. The always diversifying and fresh attractions offered by the region have never let the travelers rest. A one-time visit leads to repeated tours along with a growing influx of new tourists. From a tour agency to restaurants and hotels, transport, and everything in between, this niche is bound to manifest explosive growth in your capital.



The CORPORATE ZONE believes in the potential of opening up new doors in a new land for every venture. Get in touch for expert advice and visionary insight to make UAE your new business address!