The UAE – Israel tie is a big deal which will lead to immense business and economic opportunities between the two countries especially the UAE.  This bond will prove to be very fruitful for both the countries in terms of stabilizing and improving their economy that has been greatly affected due to the pandemic.

Oil Supply for Israel

Israel is the country that requires oil sourced from Middle Eastern countries. Since Israel’s relation with turkey is not on good terms therefore it can’t get its oil source from Iraq that travels via Turkey. The oil supply from the UAE is a great economic opportunity for Israel.

Oil Sale for UAE

It is a fact that Oil is a great commodity. By selling oil to Israel the UAE will get a new oil customer which will greatly benefit the UAE in terms of economy. So the Oil business is a huge market for new business and entrepreneurship opportunities between the two countries.

Real Estate

Since the tie has been knotted between the two countries it will provide great real estate opportunities as the wealthy Emiratis will find new land to invest and buy real estate in. This UAE – Israel tie will greatly benefit the two countries in terms of real estate.