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UAE is among the most attractive business hubs of the world where more than 100,000 individuals come to start their business or company each year. The companies are not subjected to pay any sort of extra tax or import duty on their products. Following are the most important Freezones in UAE:

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone also known as RAKEZ is the world-class business zone that was established in 2017 to create the most ideal Freezone for successful business deals and the formation of new companies. RAKEZ is one of the biggest investment hubs in the UAE which makes it the center of attention for foreign investors and traders. This ideal business zone provides you with the most rewarding business and investment opportunities. If you are someone who wants to establish a new business in UAE then starting from RAKEZ is an ideal option for you.


  • You will be a 100% owner of your business or company.
  • The business set up process is rapid and there will be no sort of delay.
  • The customer portal is highly efficient.
  • RAKEZ provides a link to all the major business hubs both local and international.
  • The easiest access to the major market groups of the Asian region.

Business activities

  • Manufacturing
  • Export
  • Import
  • Packaging
  • Custom packaging
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Architecture, building, and construction
  • Shipment

AJMAN Media City Freezone (AMCFZ)

If you are looking for the best investment area related to the media and entertainment industry then you must consider visiting the AJMAN Media City Freezone (AMCFZ). AMAN Freezone is the ideal Freezone for entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who want to invest in the media industry and content creating. This is among the newest Freezone in the UAE. Setting up a business or a company in the AMCFZ will give you amazing investment benefits that will help you grow your business much faster.


  • You can easily get the Company License at the lowest fee.
  • 100% assurance of capital profits.
  • Best Freezone for foreign investors.
  • All company details are mentioned in legal documents.

Business activities

  • Commercial license
  • Service license

AJMAN Freezone (AFZ)

This ideal business area is the epitome of foreign investment and company establishment. There are not many free zones that provide you tax-free investment opportunities. Both foreign and local investors consider Ajman Freezone an excellent place for investment. Starting a business in AJMAN Freezone will help you grow your business in no time. Not only that you will be able to work with trustworthy investors but also it will help increase your business contacts.


  • You will be the complete owner of your business to the company.
  • Full guarantee of foreign ownership.
  • The most well-developed infrastructure.
  • Most trustworthy trading services, both local and foreign.

Business activities

  • Mercantile Trading license
  • General Trading license

Sharjah Media City Freezone (SHAMS

Sharjah Media City Freezone (SHAMS) is the most elite business and investment hub for cultural and regional businesses. SHAMS is located in the central part of Sharjah. If you ever come to visit the SHAMS you will come across many investors from the media and entertainment industry. Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging if you don’t have loyal investors and business partners. The location of a profitable Freezone matters a lot.


  • You can easily set up your company with the lowest investment.
  • You don’t require a NOC
  • All types of company details and documentation will be highly secure
  • You’ll get a licensed investor and partner visas.

Business activities

  • Genuine trade license
  • International trading license

Fujairah Creative City Freezone

The creative city of Fujairah was established in 2005 and is considered as the most elite entertainment business hub providing most secure business investments in the field of education, media, sports, entertainment, etc. The music industry and film industry investments are highly popular in the Fujairah Creative City Freezone. It is the only Freezone where you’ll get to meet entrepreneurs of different nationalities. This will help you get thorough knowledge related to different cultures and religions as well.


  • You’ll get to establish Freezone companies at the most affordable rates.
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • Complete assurance of trustworthy investment.
  • All documentation of the respective company or business will be highly secure.

Business activities

  • Export
  • Import
  • Certified trading license

Dubai South Freezone

Dubai South Freezone Formerly known as the Dubai World Central (DWC) the Dubai South Freezone is the central business hub of Dubai where you will meet a number of different investors from all over the world. The healthy environment created in this Freezone makes it the ideal and the most favorable place for investment. The main purpose of the central Freezone is to promote happiness in the region.


  • World-class professional business hub
  • You will get 100% business ownership.
  • A complete range of different businesses.
  • Most ideal location

Business activities

  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Trading
  • Social work
  • Health
  • Education

Dubai Media City Freezone

Dubai Media City Freezone The most ideal Freezone for local and international investment is the Dubai Media City Freezone. When it comes to investing money in the media industry, entertainment or music industry the Dubai Media City Freezone is the ideal choice. You will come across thousands of foreign investors willing to invest a good amount of money in the entertainment industry which is one of the most rewarding industries to invest in.


  • 100% assurance of repatriation of profits.
  • Highly secure investment region.
  • Complete assurance of safe transactions.
  • All company documentation will be highly secure.

Business activities

  • Trading
  • Import
  • Export
  • Social work

When it comes to investment it is up to the requirements of a particular brand or a person to see where they want to invest their money. Choosing the right location for investment is highly crucial. Being an entrepreneur is quite challenging if you want to stand out in the market. It requires some serious guts to promote your brand being an entrepreneur. Make sure to choose the right Freezone for your particular company or business. Only then you will be able to find the most helpful business partners and investors.

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